Why should I use NadDate Exclusive’s Services?

A: BecauseNadDate Exclusive will help you find the right partner which will meet your requirements while saving you a lot of time.

There are many people that are out there who can satisfy your search criteria however they may be hard to find.NadDate Exclusive will help you find a life partner.


How does NadDate Exclusive work?

A: We thoroughly screen the members before they join. We also make sure that they possess the qualities that you desire. This will also help bring down the time required for you to know them.

Our biggest advantage however is our personalized dating consultancy which will help you get the most out of your dating experience. Our dating consultants will work according to your availability and help you choose a partner best suited to your needs.


What is the advantage of dating with NadDate Exclusive?

  1. An existing database of over 100,000 active members from our online dating site which allows us to choose a partner for you in a fast and efficient way. We have members both of Thai and Foreign nationalities.
  2. An intelligent database that takes in your requirements and matches it with our existing members giving us a reliable list of candidates to choose your potential dates from.
  3. Apart from our dating expertise, we have successfully helped companies find the right employees via our website which is the first online recruitment test setup of its kind in Thailand. This has given us invaluable experience in looking for key characteristics in people with respect to a desired end in mind. Quite simply put - we know how to look for the right person!
  4. Our expertise and years of experience in dating gives us an advantage that no other matchmaker can call its own.
  5. Not only do we help find the right match but we will also counsel you so that you can become more adapting to other people (if your situation so requires). Our dating consultants will make the whole experience a lot easier and stress free for you so that both you and your date remain comfortable.


What is the process of dating with NadDate Exclusive?

  1. The process starts from you having contacting us.
  2. The second step involves screening your profile for obtaining a better understanding of you. You will also be required to submit documents such as financial records, passport (if foreigner), Identification, etc.
  3. After we have gained a good understanding of your history we set down to the task of screening out possible matches for you. To do so we use both our NadDate Exclusive as well our NadDate Online Members.
  4. After we have selected a dating partner for you, we find a location best suited to your date.
  5. Once the first date is concluded we will love it if you could provide us with a feedback of both your experience with the person and us.
  6. If you felt nothing special for the person then do let us know that; the next time you date we would use your feedback to find a person more suited to you.


How safe is dating with NadDate Exclusive?

A: Your Information is completely safe with us.

NadDate Exclusive will take the best measures to make sure that your information is not compromised. We will not share your information with any third party company.


Are the customers of NadDate Exclusive in the same Socio-economic bracket as me?

A: As the name suggests, NadDate Exclusive is a service for the affluent busy professional who has a good standard of living.


Is the NadDate Exclusive Dating Service different from the blind dates or those where a friend introduces me to his/her friend?

A: NadDate Exclusive is not at all like a blind date! We have trained professionals who will look into your case and help you find the right partner based on what your specific requirements are. A blind date is hardly a screened one to begin with and carries the same problems that are seen while dating regularly.


Can anyone become a member of NadDate Exclusive?/h3>

A: Not everyone can become a member with us. We thoroughly screen an application before admitting them. We have an obligation to our members who demand the highest quality of service and thus we must make sure that the people that join us have a standard of living which matches such requirements.


What is the cost of using NadDate Exclusive?

A: We provide many packages that are designed keeping in mind certain important factors such as your availability, time, requirements etc. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Why should I pay for your services when I can find dates using the Online Dating Websites?

A: NadDate Exclusive screens and approves people as per your requirements and gives individualized attention to you. Online Dating is very popular however it is basically a numbers game that is you get to choose from a lot of partners and have to sift through hundreds of profiles. While this is great for people with that kind of time, we believe that you will want to "outsource" that looking to someone else as you have better things to do.


How should I sign up to NadDate Exclusive?

A: You need to contact us either by telephone at 02-170-9449 or email You will then be required to fill out questionnaires about your requirements and what kind of a person you are looking for. Alternatively you can contact us at our mailing address:
1858 / 7 Class 4 buildings Nation Tower Bangna district, Bangna, Bangkok 10260.
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