PAE, Female
Bank official
The Dating consultants here are so lovely, friendly, and make me feel confident; after my interview with them I felt very happy and satisfied. Also the working process of NadDate Exclusive is trustworthy and reliable because I had to fill in a lot of details in a document, and also I had to come to NadDate Exclusive office for an interview which is why I felt that it is a real dating service and not a fraud one.
Am, Female
Owner Business
The working process of searching a date here is so trustworthy. Collecting a lot of information about me and about whom I am looking for and even my last dates. The level of detail to which they adhered impressed me a lot. The services here for searching for a date are near to the spec which I require Thank you to the entire NadDate Exclusive team.
Jeab, Female
Accountant. Working at a well-known company
When I came for an Interview with the Dating Consultants at NadDate Exclusive I felt very comfortable as they were friendly and polite. I also got to know that NadDate Exclusive got a matchmaking certificate from USA. I also saw a lot of their advertising and promotion banners in Bangkok and online.... all this made me trust in their service.
Golf, Male
Official at well – known company
Dating consultants here are very friendly. I usually feel uncomfortable revealing myself much but Dating Consultants here are soft spoken and polite and made me feel very much at home, surprisingly it wasn’t the least bit difficult conveying my thoughts and desires to them and I was very pleased with my experience with them.
Nut, Female
I had a date setup by NadDate Exclusive with a person who I found to be very polite and interesting, I was left feeling elated and happy with my experience and I now trust this service, I will definitely continue using their services.
Green, Male
Owner Business
While I was waiting for a date at dinner which was arranged by NadDate Exclusive I saw a woman and I found her to be impressive. I thought she was lovely, and beautiful surprisingly she started walking closer to my table and sat down besides me. After we got introduced I learn that she “was” the date that NadDate Exclusive had set up for me. I must admit that was a very good dinner and now we both have decided to get to know each other more.
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