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NadDate Exclusive is the premier Bangkok Dating service which provides quality personalized and one on one date for busy professionals. NadDate Exclusive takes Bangkok Dating to the next level. We have developed our own in-house Intelligent Matching and Screening Software with which we can select potential matches for you from our database of 100,000 members which is also something that we have that no one else does. Since NadDate has been into online dating since 2006 we have great experience in bringing people together.

If you will like to try Bangkok Dating with NadDate Exclusive then you will have to contact us and set and appointment with us, after which you will be required to come down to our office. Once here you will be given an in-depth perspective on how we work and what you will get out of the whole experience.

Your Bangkok Dating experience with us will be unique and satisfactory. Our personalized service coupled with the latest matching and screening software will make sure that you meet with people you will most certainly like and get along with.

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